Our Mission

To create inspiring, knowledgeable, and quality content that provides entertainment and equips others for every outdoor adventure.

The Most Amazing Places

Through our youtube channel we want to show the beauty creation has to offer. We strive to make entertaining and upbeat videos that showcase the best places around. Currently we are focusing on the Southeast of the United States from the Mississippi river to the Appalachian Mountains showing you the best paces to Journey More!

Teaching and Equipping

We desire for everyone to have fun and stay safe in the outdoors. We work hard to teach the most necessary and interesting skills as well as review the best outdoor products in order to prepare others to have the best time possible on every adventure. We teach from years of vast experience and countless hours of research. We hope this will drive people to get outside and make lasting memories they will cherish forever. 


We want to build a community of not only outdoor enthusiasts but also those who are new to adventuring. Journey More is all of us and we hold that dear to our heart. Let's all take a break from the craziness of "everyday life," take a step outside and seize the day!

Passion | Purpose | Quality

When you purchase a piece of Journey More merchandise you are helping build and spread a community that has the power to change the world. While wearing this symbol you are sharing with those around you something bigger than all of us. We carefully chose this line up of clothing to provide the most quality and comfort, that way you will want to wear it day after day.